Senator Bean - "Mental Health" - Man Boobs

What does Senator Bean have to do with Man Boobs?

Pharmaceutical companies are politically influential. Senator Bean has signficant ties to the Pharmaceutical and Mental Health Services Industries.

A typical scenario it seems is a parent is called to a meeting where Adderol or some other drug is recommended for little Johnny because little Johnny can't sit still or has some other behavior problem. The mother protests that when she gives that "medication" to Johnny that Johnny can't sleep at night. The parent is then informed - no problem - we have another pill so Johnny can go to sleep.

Consider what is happening to veterans. It seems routine for a veteran to be informed that they can collect monetary benefits for claiming PTSD status. That veteran then goes on the mentally defective list which could compromise his or her 2nd Amendment rights. It is known that some veterans (maybe a lot of them) simply flush their prescriptions down the toilet. But for those who actually take the prescriptions, some horrendous side effects are possible. And one of them is Man Boobs. The taxpayer is fleeced, the health and 2nd Amendment rights of the veteran are compromised, the pharmaceutical companies get rich. Risperdal is one of the pharmaceuticals that is known to be prescribed. See Video below.

Pharmaceutical prescribed to Vets and Schoolchildren has Man Boobs as a side effect

Senator Bean helped a company owned by a friend obtain funding for Mental Health Screening of schoolchildren. Mental Health Screening sounds like something that would have happened in the Soviet Union. Could the system be abused? Will students be selected for screening because they are deemed to be disruptive due to the questions they ask or the opinions they state? Mental Health evaluations are understood to be completely subjective. It is not as if ADD, SAD, Anxiety, Depression, etc., etc., can be determined by a blood test. It seems apparent these mental health screenings would lead to more psych med sales revenue. If so that would probably make many of Senator Bean's campaign contributors happy. Corporate profits are involved. You can see who is funding who with the website linked below.

Non profit website gives info on Campaign Donations using government generated data

What you allow will continue. Please register to vote and go to the polls on this upcoming November 6. District 4 Constituents have a 3rd party option - Joanna Liberty Tavares. It is time to change the status quo.