Banks - Campaign Contributions - Corporate Supremacy

If the Bank Bailouts (TARP) had been called "the taxpayer bailout of extremely wealthy private bankers for their failed private enterprise program" - we would all have a different view of America's privately held for profit banking system.

What is abundantly clear is that there are some real problems with banks. Bank Bailouts, Foreclosure Fraud, False Accounts, Bogus Fees, etc. have occurred. If you have a problem with a Financial Institution and complain to authorities be prepared for a tremendous run around. And once you have experienced that tremendous run around you might gain the opinion that the runaround is intentional because taking proper action would complicate things with that official's campaign contributors. Rick Scott, Jimmy Patronis, Pam Bondi, and Aaron Bean have all received funding from banks. But then so have many of their Democratic competitors.

This is why 3rd party candidates such as Joanna Liberty Tavares should become very popular. They have not been contaminated by years and years of campaign donations from Banks and other corporations.

Senator Bean receives considerable campaign funding from the Financial Sector. Apparently he could not find the time to investigate our concerns with a False Financial Statement for an account established by our father's last will and testament. Our mother is a senior citizen who is a resident of his district. Our father was a veteran who put his faith and trust in the American system.

What will our privately held central banking system do next - eliminate cash? This is likely to happen unless voters pay attention to who it is that influences their elected leaders.

The videos below concern some of the problems people have experienced with financial institutions. It is time to boot the bankers from public office. The General Election is Nov 6. 2018. You must be registered to vote by October 9, 2018. For Nassau county see For Duval go to

Forged Signatures and Foreclosure Fraud

Where is the deed to your house?

Beware of Corporate Supremacy

The law is often used to enrich one group of citizens over another. Corporations have a big influence on laws and regulations via their relationships with lawmakers. This effects a lot of things, including your food. Please check out the video below.

What is in your milk?