2nd Amendment * Mass Shootings * Stoneman Douglas High School Safety Act

The 2nd Amendment is sacred. Yet there are forces within the United States that would very much like to see citizens disarmed. One of them appears to be our privately held for profit banking system. Senator Bean receives considerable campaign contributions from banks and other entities connected to the financial services sector.

Banks seen as threat to 2nd Amendment

Forty years ago students often took their guns to school. It was not uncommon to see a shotgun in the gun-rack of someone's pickup truck. Mass shootings were unknown. What has changed?

I have read that most if not all these mass shootings involved a shooter who was either on psychotropic drugs or withdrawing from them. The "Mental Health Services" industry seems to push SSRIs and other pharmaceutical concoctions on everyone it can whenever it can. They seem to especially target schoolchildren and veterans. SSRIs and other meds are prescribed for perceived conditions. It is understood that the diagnosis of a mental health condition is completely subjective. It is not as if you can have your blood tested for depression, anxiety, ADD, etc.

SSRIs work by causing serotonin to pool in the brain's synapses. Serontonin is a feel good chemical produced by the body. SSRIs cause the body to shut down it's production of serotonin. People who are on these drugs, or withdrawing from these drugs, could be like an accident waiting to happen.

Senator Bean voted "Yea" on SB7 7026, The Stoneman Douglas High School Safety Act.

That legislation provides an appropriation of $69 MILLION DOLLARS to fund "Mental Health Assistance". Could it be that "Mental Health Assistance" is more of a cause than a solution? Mental Health Assistance sounds like something that would generate increased psych med sales thus increasing the revenue of pharmaceutical companies. Senator Bean has considerable ties to those industries.

The documentary linked below claims that psych meds have been prescribed to 20 million school kids. According to certain authorities nothing in psychiatry is legitimate and it is all about making money. You've got to wonder.

Psychiatry - An Industry of Death

Banks, Pharmaceutical Companies, Mental Health Service Companies, etc. have too much influence in our soceity. Voters in District 4 have a 3rd party option for state senator who has not received years and years of corporate funding. Her name is Joanna Liberty Tavares. Get registered for the general election by October 9. Take action on November 6. The only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good people to sit back and do nothing.