"If we had more hemp we could hang all the bankers."

Somewhere on the interent, after the foreclosure crisis, I read the statement above.

Please understand that I am not advocating harm to anyone. The idea that the citizens of the world could rise up and use a fiber derived from a renewable resource that consumes prodigious amounts of carbon dioxide to strangle every single executive from the world's privately owned central banking systems is extremely far fetched. Yet that satirical statement puts a focus on 2 important issues and one of them is banking.

Banks are bailed out at taxpayer expense. Foreclosure Fraud deprived Americans of their homes. 5,300 Wells Fargo employees are fired for creating a million or more false accounts. No criminal prosecutions occur. Look into things and you will discover that the majority of US senators on the banking committee that investigated Wells Fargo received donations from Wells Fargo. The financial service industry is a very large contributor to political campaigns and they spread it around to both sides of the fence - Democrat & Republican - State & Federal.

Huey Long on the Difference between Democrats and Republicans

There are problems in Florida District 4. Some 10 years ago an LPL Financial Adviser, Michael McCranie, persuaded a senior citizen (our mom) to give him investment authority for an account established by our father's last will and testament. He then proceeded to convert over half of the account to commission based products that he bought from himself. His actions were illegal and caused a tremendous increase in fees. Certain documentation indicates Mr McCrannie is a close acquaintance of our mother's estate planning attorney - bank recommended attorney Tim Flanagan. Certain considerations suggest that Senator Bean is acquainted with these individuals.

Recently another problem has occurred. The members of my family have been issued a False Account Statment for the same account referenced above. The accounting errors are remarkable. The deceit is obvious. The statement was prepared by a subsidiary of a foreign bank. That bank does business in the United States as a broker dealer by the name of RBC Capital Markets, LLC. RBC Capital Markets, LLC has many different names and is registered in many different states. They do business in Florida as RBC Wealth Management. The RBC Wealth Management logo is on the statement. RBC Wealth Management is a Florida state chartered institution.

If a strong arm robbery occurs law enforcement is right on it. But if you have a false account statement essentially every agency / office you call will refer you somewhere else or become incommunicado. The Florida Office of Financial Regulation erroneously claimed they did not have jurisdiction.

I called Senator Bean's office hoping he would investigate and take a stance. I never could get Senator Bean on the phone. Perhaps he was too busy working on tree trimming regulations or something similar. A representative of his office referred me to an 81 year old attorney who did not keep a computer on his desk and thus had no way to personally use an Excel spreadsheet to add up columns of numbers. The attorney ended up sending me a letter stating the situation was beyond his expertise. Our focus was not civil action anyway. We simply wanted this attorney to inform Senator Bean that our assertions were true since Senator Bean apparently did not care to do his own investigation.

During Senator Bean's career he has received considerable funding from Banks, Pharmaceutical Companies, Corporate Prisons, and other business entities that do not seem to have the best interests of the American public at heart. I am not affiliated with the campaign of Libertarian candidate Joanna Liberty Tavares but I hope for the good of everyone that Florida District 4 constituents take the necessary steps to change the status quo. It is time for America to evolve away from the 2 party system. Democrats and Republicans may fight over minimum wage, abortion, and maybe even tree trimming - but when it comes to banking and war there seems to be little difference. Maybe it has to do with all those campaign contributions. Please forward this information. It is possible that internet communication options can offset Senator Bean's considerable corporate funding. The election is November 6, 2018. New voters must be registered by October 9, 2018.

Ben Martin
San Diego, Ca.
760 613 9798

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Joanna Liberty Tavares is a 3rd party candidate who is a veteran, pro 2nd Amendment, and pro Cannabis. Unlike Senator Bean she has not received years and years of corporate funding. She is an entrepreneur. Her bakery Sweet Freedom, LLC is located in Jacksonville. You can also look her up via Facebook.

Viva Joanna!

JAX LANDING SHOOTER - David Katz - It has been reported that Psych Meds were part of his background. The Parkland High School Shooter Nikolas Cruz and many others mass shooters were also reported to be on psych meds or withdrawing from them. Senator Bean voted "Yea" on the "High School Safety Act" which provides $69 MILLION for "Mental Health Assistance." Will that money ultimately enrich Pharmaceutical Company Executives? Senator Bean has signficant connections to the "Mental Health Screening" and Pharmaceutical Industries.